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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Good Friday with The Rhythm Riders at the Shambles, Lutterworth

Good Friday - The Rhythm Riders At the Shambles, Lutterworth 

Paul guitar, Deano sax, Matt singer, Garf on drums, Mike bass guitar
The Rhythm Riders at the Shambles in Lutterworth on Good Friday, March 29, 2013. They played from 9 till midnight to a packed house.  

                    Celebrating the blonde girl's birthday 

I asked the birthday girl if I could take a photograph of her shoes.  She was so sweet and said I could put it on my blog.  The shoes were amazing.

The heals...  Well there were no heels.  If there had been they would have been about 6 inches high. 

Her shoes were amazing.  She could not only walk in them, she could dance in them too.  A lovely girl.

Everyone dance and sang, applauded and cheered.  
 Jingle and his wife Bell, taking a break from dancing

Midnight came and midnight went.  There were so many calls for more -
The Rhythm Riders played on.                  



  1. Oh my word, those shoes are.....wee, for once I have no words!
    What a great night!!

  2. They were out of this world Pauline. When the young woman was called onto the dance floor, so we could sing happy birthday to her, she tripped along as if she was walking on tiptoe. Bless her, she was. She could only walk on the tips and balls of her feet, there was no heel to support her. A lovely, happy, girl.