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Friday, 26 September 2014

Madalyn Morgan on The Wright Stuff – 26/09/2014.

Madalyn Morgan on The Wright Stuff  (Phone in) 
Do You Have A Dream?

My first dream was to be an actress, which I achieved.  Now I have another dream, so I wanted to contribute to the conversation on The Wright Stuff for two reasons. One: To say that no matter how old you are you can change your career and succeed.  Two: To give my novels a plug by having my name, Madalyn Morgan from Leicestershire, on the ticker-tape at the top of the screen.  Then, if any of the 6.1 million viewers Googled me, they would find me and might look at what I write.

I enjoyed the experience, and I hope gave a positive thumbs up for older people, inspiring them to follow their dream - and if it ends, follow another.  However, I didn't manage to get my full name, or even my first name spelt correctly, on the screen.  It just said, Madeleine from Leicester.  There are several writers with the name Madeleine, so you never know, it might do one of them some good. My contribution also ended before I had time to mention the title of my novels. This is how it went:

Matthew Wright

Matthew: Hello Madeleine, Did you have a dream that you achieved, do you have one now, or both?

Me:  Since I was a child, my dream was to be an actress, and I was for 30 years, Matthew.  When I was 40 I gave up acting for love and a mortgage, and when I was 50, love gave me up."

Matthew:  (Laughing) You seem to be pretty happy about that, Madeleine?

Me:  Well... while I was working in an office to pay the mortgage, desperate to do something artistic, I did a writing course.  And I loved it.  At 60, my dream, which I never thought in a million years would come true, was to see my novels published.  And I have.  

Matthew:  Wow!  Thank you Madeleine, that's a great upbeat way to end this section of the show.  
I had hoped to say that my first novel, Foxden Acres, was published in 2012 and the second, Applause, this year.  Hey ho!  Should have edited my mouth like I do my novels. x   

NB Not quite verbatim, but almost.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Madalyn Morgan's Fiction Blog: Madalyn Morgan's Author Biography Video

Madalyn Morgan's Author Biography Video:

You wouldn't believe that after being in front of a camera as many times as I have (when I was an actress) that I'd be nervous, but I was.

Madalyn Morgan’s Author Biography Video – and Book Trailers

 Click the link:

I thought about making a video biography for my author page on Amazon when Foxden Acres was published in February 2012, and again this year when Applause was published in April.  But you know how it is?  Good ideas are often put on the back burner when you’re busy.  Then, at the September chapter meeting and lunch of the LRNA in Leicester, Lizzie Lamb introduced Sarah Houldcroft of Authors Uncovered.  Sarah gave me her card and I looked AU up when I got home.  

“Authors Uncovered, the place where authors and booklovers can connect, read, write and share.”

Sarah has been working as a virtual assistant for authors helping them promote their books online.  She said authors do not want to spend time marketing their books they want to write the next book.  Isn’t that the truth?  Sarah is not an author, she is a prolific reader and booklover and as such, she is uniquely placed to know what readers and authors want. 

From what Sarah says on the website – and the annual fee being reasonable, I decided to go with AU and made my video.   And that’s another story.  Having had a weekend of problems with my computer, I recorded it on my camera.  I had to go with the first rehearsal because I broke the camera. It’s true.  Lips and words would not synchronize after the first take.  Anyway, now it’s done, I shall link it to my Amazon author page with a written biography. 

Uploading to YouTube I found trailers that I had made as an actress and radio presenter, so I created trailers for Foxden Acres and Applause.         

Foxden Acres - Kindle and paperback - on Amazon:  Trailer for Foxden Acres:


Applause - Kindle and paperback - on Amazon:

Madalyn Morgan  links: