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Monday, 28 November 2016

Roger Wood's Biblioblog: Dictator - Robert Harris

I love reading critiques by Roger Wood on his Biblioblog. This week his subject is, Dictator, by Robert Harris. Harris is of my favourite authors. I have yet to read, Dictator.

Roger Wood's Biblioblog: Dictator - Robert Harris: Dictator  is the concluding third of Harris's Cicero trilogy (the others being Imperium  and Lustrum ). Unsurprisingly, given that it...

Thursday, 24 November 2016

RNA Winter party, November 2016

Photos of friends at the RNA Winter party, November 2016
Just the name, Piccadilly, and the postcode W1, excites me.

Piccadilly W1
I love the sounds of London: the lights, the people, the hustle and bustle of workers and shoppers going home, and of people going out to theatres and restaurants, clubs and pubs. And tonight, the authors heading down to St.James' to the Romantic Novelists Association's Winter Party.

A collection of photographs. Names and snippets later.

Two gorgeous ladies.
 Both friends, both authors,
Della Galton and Debbie Viggiano

Lang, Mandy Baggott and Kim Nash

Directly left: Kath McGurl, Della Galton and

Below left: Lizzie Lamb and I

Below Right: Della Galton and Kath McGurl

Yay! Five of the nicest people. 
My friends from The Seriously, Serious Scribes. 

                                  Below Four Fab Scribes


Hate it when I'm snapped while I'm talking, or rather pulling a weird face. 
But it's a great photo of Jane Wenham-Jones, so it stays.

Me, Jane Wenham-Jones and Debbie Viggiano


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Romantic Novelists' Association Blog: RNA Tribute to Carole Blake

Romantic Novelists' Association Blog: RNA Tribute to Carole Blake: Literary agent Caroline Sheldon writes: Carole Blake is no longer with us.  None of us expected to read those words.  Carole

So vibrant. She was a talented and clever woman.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe say no to pipeline on reservation

Today I had messages from my soul-sister, Diana Cavender in Minnesota. She said, "Auntie Carrie (and others) are on their way to Standing Rock, North Dakota with supplies." (Auntie Carrie is in her 80s.) Many of my friends know that I was adopted by the elders of the Dakota Sioux Tribe when I was eleven. It was a great honour and I am proud to be called, Wacantkiya Win. Although I live far away and am only a spec of dust in the great scheme of things, I am passionate about America's indigenous people, and I believe as,Deb Mowle and Mike White do that the Access Pipeline should not go ahead.

Government organisation290,028 Likes
"Standing Rock Sioux Tribe"

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

  • Joyce Weaver
  • Liz Berg


   ABC News
The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe calls for peace, justice and focus as he leads hundreds of Native American groups and environmentalists pushing to block the four-state Dakota Access Pipeline near the tribe's reservation.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Talking about Writing at Lutterworth Library


Thursday November 3rd 10.30am.

Lutterworth Library

My thanks to the Librarian and the women who work at Lutterworth Library, especially Terry who originally asked me if I would like to speak, and the Librarian who confirmed the appointment.

A mixed audience of published authors - fabulous Theresa Le Flem and Cathy Mansell - WI ladies, male and female members of the Library - one of whom thanked me afterwards and said she had read all my books "And I loved them all. When will the next one be in the library?" When it's published in 2017 the first one has her name on it. There were a couple of people who had been passing by, had popped in, and then stayed for the talk. Last but by no means least were, Terry, Martine and Amy, who work in the library.

A poster of Applause, to advertise my talk. 

Terry who works at the Library and who helped organise the talk.

Me mid flow.

Chatting about World War 2, afterwards.
 Super people with some great ideas.

Answering a question. 

More people making great contribution

A gathering at the end of the talk

I enjoyed talking to some lovely people.
Thanks to them, and to Lutterworth Library for having me.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

October & Halloween posters for Madalyn Morgan's novels

Oops! It was late and I couldn't remember whether the clocks went forward or back, so I put the clock in the moon, turned it upside down, and hedged my bets. 

Autumn and Halloween 

Applause for Autumn 

After the harvest on Foxden Acres

Halloween poster for China blue

When the clocks went forward, back, forward...((?))

Halloween witches 

Casting a spell on Applause

November's posters for Madalyn Morgan's novels

Welcome to 

Posters for Guy Fawkes Night will follow