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Thursday, 24 November 2016

RNA Winter party, November 2016

Photos of friends at the RNA Winter party, November 2016
Just the name, Piccadilly, and the postcode W1, excites me.

Piccadilly W1
I love the sounds of London: the lights, the people, the hustle and bustle of workers and shoppers going home, and of people going out to theatres and restaurants, clubs and pubs. And tonight, the authors heading down to St.James' to the Romantic Novelists Association's Winter Party.

A collection of photographs. Names and snippets later.

Two gorgeous ladies.
 Both friends, both authors,
Della Galton and Debbie Viggiano

Lang, Mandy Baggott and Kim Nash

Directly left: Kath McGurl, Della Galton and

Below left: Lizzie Lamb and I

Below Right: Della Galton and Kath McGurl

Yay! Five of the nicest people. 
My friends from The Seriously, Serious Scribes. 

                                  Below Four Fab Scribes


Hate it when I'm snapped while I'm talking, or rather pulling a weird face. 
But it's a great photo of Jane Wenham-Jones, so it stays.

Me, Jane Wenham-Jones and Debbie Viggiano


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