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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How To Do Everything And Be Happy, by Peter Jones

How To Do Everything and Be Happy
by Peter Jones in WH Smith, Balham
In London, on the way to the studio to do my radio show, I popped into WH Smith for a browse.  And wow!  Peter's book, How To Do Everything And Be Happy, was on the shelf in front of me.  That's definitely one for the album.  


  1. Me and Jayne had a look in Foyles and they didn't have it :(


    1. They must have sold out, Vikki. There was only one left in WH Smith, Balham. "Will you be having any more, Peter Jones' HTDE&BH?" I asked the lady at the back of the shop on the book till. "Yes. Would you like me to put a copy aside for you?" "No, it's all right," I said, "I come in regularly. I'll pop in next week." He he! Every little helps. x