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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I feel an article about King Richard III coming on

I feel an article about King Richard III coming on.  It was confirmed today (Feb 5th) that the remains found under a car park in the city of Leicester are those of Richard III who was killed at the Battle of Bosworth. Leicester is 12 miles away from my home town of Lutterworth, so it's a must.

Philippa Langley, originator of the 'Looking For Richard III' project, and the facial reconstruction of Richard III, unveiled to the media at the Society of Antiquaries, London, Tuesday February 5th.  (Gareth Fuller, Associated Press)

 The discovery of the long lost British monarch found under a parking lot in Leicester, U.K. has stimulated the imaginations of readers. 

King Richard III was identified yesterday through modern DNA testing with the help of a Canadian carpenter - a 17th great-grand-nephew of the king's older sister.

Not only have scientists excavated and identified his bones, but they have also given the modern world a
first glimpse of his face in a life-sized plastic model.

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