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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Virtual Launch Party Saturday February 16th

Virtual launch party, Foxden Acres, Saturday February 16, 10am -10pm
It's less than a week until the launch of Foxden Acres.  

My first novel, Foxden Acres, will be available through Amazon Kindle and book on Saturday February 16. (The paperback can be bought direct from if Amazon hasn't uploaded then.)

 On the day Foxden Acres goes live, I hope my fabulous friends will drop in to say hello. 
Invitations for the virtual launch party will go out nearer to the time.     

For more information, go to:   For the launch Party click here 
Or go directly to the novel on Amazon:  Foxden Acres on Amazon Kindle

I have been invited to give a talk to the local WI on February 14th and I am determined to have a book in my hand on that night.  I also hope to be dressed as a land girl, in khaki dungarees, green pullover and boots.  Don't laugh.  I know land girls were young, but I'm going to do it anyway, because it'll be fun.
Foxden Acres has been uploaded to Kindle and lulu books, by the wonderful Rebecca Emin today, Feb 8th. No books - Kindle or paperback - yet. The author's copy has been ordered so, after I've given it a final proofread, Foxden Acres will go live. We're still on track for next Saturday. I can't believe it? After all these years, Foxden Acres will soon be in the public domain. I'm so happy. My face is aching from smiling.




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